Sunday, June 11, 2006

In defense of the truth, and a friend

Recently, I attended the trial of a friend in federal court. He was charged with crimes of the financial nature (non-violent). I was there in the event he wanted me to serve as a character witness. Instead, he asked his Bible study teacher to speak on his behalf. In spite of their efforts, he was sentenced to serve time in the federal pen.

Similarly, Ken Lay's pastor, Ed Young the greater, spoke on Lay's behalf during the trial. To my knowledge, Young never said Lay was innocent. A blog tucked away in the recesses of the WSJ says, "The defense's 29th and final witness was Ed Young, a popular Houston minister. Speaking of Lay, Young reportedly said, 'I believe he loves God, I believe he works hard and I believe he's a man who keeps his word.' On cross, prosecutor Cliff Stricklin told Young he had taken a religion course in college taught by one of Young's sons. Joking that Young's son became a minister while he became a lawyer, Stricklin said, 'You can draw your own conclusions from that.' Retorted Young: 'I already have.'" (HT: Denny Burk)

For the sake of Truth, the miracle of gospel repentance, and Mr. Lay's soul, I pray that Young's judgements and hopes are accurate; only God knows the heart but Young may have seen His fruit. Thank the Lord for forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. Also, thank God for ministers who have the careful courage to minister in spite of the public rush to judgement.


At 4:46 AM, Blogger Denny Burk said...

He like Lay. He trust Lay maybe.

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Please watch this:


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